This section is filled with scans from Scrittore and various flyers and things found secreted away years ago. If the group is interested in building this section it could become as complete a history of the group as we could hope for. As the archive grows, it will break into separate named categories and themes, for ease of use.Click on the title below each image to bring up a larger version in a new window. Depending on your computer the image may resize ( smaller ) to the window – you may have the option to enlarge it to full size ( larger than the window ).

Scrittore Covers

 February 1983.  March 1983.  April 1983.  August 1983.  October 1983.

 February 1983 

 March 1983 

 April 1983 

 August 1983 

 October 1983 
 December 1983.  February 1984.  April 1984.  June 1984.  August 1984.

 December 1983 

 February 1984 

 April 1984 

 June 1984 

 August 1984 
 March 1985.  June 1985.  Autumn 1985.  Winter 1986-87.  Summer 1987.

 March 1985 

 June 1985 

 Autumn 1985 

 Winter 1986 

 Summer 1987 
 Winter 1987.  Spring 1991.  Winter 1991.  Winter 1992.  Winter 1993.

 Winter 1987 

 Spring 1991 

 Winter 1991 

 Winter 1992 

 Winter 1993 
 Fall 1993.  Winter 1994.  Spring 1994.  Summer 1994.  Spring 1995.

 Fall 1993 

 Winter 1994 

 Spring 1994 

 Summer 1994 

 Spring 1995 
 Summer 1995.  Spring 1996.  Summer 1996.  Winter 1997.  Summer 1997.

 Summer 1995 

 Spring 1996 

 Summer 1996 

 Winter 1997 

 Summer 1997 
 Winter 1998.  Spring 1998.  Fall 1998.  Spring 1999.  Fall 1999.

 Winter 1998 

 Spring 1998 

 Fall 1998 

 Spring 1999 

 Fall 1999 
 Spring 2000.  Fall 2000.  Fall 2001.  Spring 2003.

we can find
every cover
one day!
  and counting. 

 Spring 2000 

 Fall 2000 

 Fall 2001 

 Spring 2003 

Flyers for Workshops & Classes

 Dick Beasley, Calligraphicarts Workshop.  Dick Beasley, Flight of Form Exhibition.  Dick Beasley, Achromatic Calligraphy Workshop.  Dick Beasley, Pizzaz Workshop.  Reggie Ezell, Fundamentals of Calligraphy Workshop.

 Dick Beasley 1 

 Dick Beasley 2 

 Dick Beasley 3 

 Dick Beasley 4 

 Reggie Ezell 
 David Howells, Three Directions of Calligraphy Lecture.
 Dick Jackson, Copperplate Workshop.  David Mekelburg, Greeting Card Workshop and Freedom with Letters Lecture.  David Mekelburt, Pen Written Capitals Workshop and Greeting Card Design Lecture.  Jan Petrucci, Calligraphy Class.

 David Howells 

 Dick Jackson 

 David Mekelburg 1 

 David Mekelburg 2 

 Jan Petrucci 
 Ieuan Rees, Foundational Hand Workshop and Lecture.  Eliza Schulte, Expressive Calligraphy Workshop.  Eliza Schulte, Brush Lettering Workshop and Lecture.  Sharon Singley, Beginning Calligraphy Class and Lettering Alternatives Workshop.  Jacqueline Svaren, Italic Handwriting and Embossing Workshops.

 Ieuan Rees 

 Eliza Schulte 1 

 Eliza Schulte 2 

 Sharon Singley 

 Jaki Svaren 

What a wonderful gang of artists we have had over the years!



 Denys Taipale Workshop and Calligraphy Invitational Exhibition.  Sheila Waters Lecture and Presentation.  Allen Wong, Chinese Calligraphy.

 Denys Taipale 

 Sheila Waters 

 Allen Wong 

Exhibits and Events

 1984 Calligraphy Invitational at the Yuma Art Center.
 Calligraphy Invitational at the NAU Art Gallery in 1983.  

I know we have more out there somewhere. We’ve had annual events and showsfor many years.From the Valley Bank to the Spring Festivalfor the City of Phoenix.








About Our Group and Our Members

 Arizona Republic article on Bob Lampee and the Pengraphics Studio.  Bob Lampee's thoughts on the first year of the CSA.  Dick Beasley's thoughts on the second year of the CSA.
 Thoughts on the Present day - 1984.

 Bob Lampee 

 First Year 

 Second Year 

 Present day 
 Sharon Singley's Bio - page 1.  Sharon Singley's Bio - page 2.  Sharon Singley's Studio Tour - page 1.  Sharon Singley's Studio Tour - page 2.

Sharon Singley’s – Bio
 1  ·
 2  —   and  Studio Visit  ·
 1  ·
 Lea Stickles Studio in Tucson - page 1.  Lea Stickles Studio in Tucson - page 2.

A Visit to Lea Stickles’ Studio –
 1  ·

•  Miscellaneous pages from Scrittore
 A sample of Sharon Singley's lettering.  A commission from the Arizona Republic for the Joe Bob Briggs show. Screen printed on blood red T-shirts.  A memorial to Sign painter, calligrapher, and illustrator Roy Riley from Sharon Singley.  A large map done for the Fresno Art Center by Barry Kintner.  An illuminated border for Scrittore by Barry Kintner.

 Style Sampler 
Sharon Singley 

Sharon Singley 

Sharon Singley 

 24″ x 36″ Map 
Barry Kintner 

 Border for Scrittore 
Barry Kintner 

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