Artists & Inspiration

Visit these links for ideas and inspiration. See the breadth of what others are using calligraphy for. Get a look at other artists commercial works and fine arts pieces … and plenty more.

See how your work could be used, and get inspired to do more with your lettering. You will see letters used in every way – from abstract fine arts to the most precise layouts for commercial reproduction of … letters.

These links are in no specified order – just explore. Some may be in languages other than English – they were selected for art and not for their language. Some will be slower to load also, other parts of the world don’t have high-speed connections for the internet.

Calligrapher’s Websites

 Anne Robin.
Anne Robin Calligraphy – New York, New York

 Ani Elorza.
Ani Elorza – Spain

 Carla Harris.

Carla Harris – Santa Barbara, California

 Dennis Brown - QuillSkill.
Dennis Brown – QuillSkill – Dublin, Ireland

 Diane Von Arx.

Diane Von Arx Lettering & Design – Minneapolis, Minnesota

 Georgia Deaver.

Georgia Deaver – San Francisco, California


Grafikal – Gerda Heikoop – Netherlands


Nadia Hblika – Tucson, Arizona

 Jill Bell.

Jill Bell Design and Lettering – Los Angeles, California

 John Stevens.

John Stevens Calligraphy and Design – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Julian Waters.

Julian Waters Hand Lettering and Design – Gaithersburg, Maryland

 Ink Monkey Press - Calligraphy by Sherrie Lovler

Sherrie Lovler – Ink Monkey Press, Santa Rosa, California

 Lianda Ludwig - Calligraphy.

Beautiful Calligraphy by Lianda Ludwig – Tucson, Arizona

 Martin Jackson Calligrapher.

Martin Jackson Calligrapher – Vancouver, British Columbia

 Prose and Letters by Cari Ferraro

Prose and Letters by Cari Ferraro – San Jose, California

 Susan Nelson Calligrapher.

Susan Nelson Calligrapher – Guelph, Ontario


Thomas Ingmire – San Francisco, California

Resources and Inspiration

 University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
The Aberdeen Beastiary – The University of Aberdeen – Scotland

 Alphabetica Online Gallery.

 Alphabytes logo.
Alphabytes – Rob Leuschke

 Ars Celtica logo.
Ars Celtica – Bradley W Schenck

 Atelier Leonhardt Kalligraphie.
Atelelier Leonhardt Kalligraphie – Tanja Leonhardt – Germany

 Bound and Lettered magazine.
Bound & Lettered

 Calligraphics logo.

Calligraphics – le forum de toutes les escritures – France

 The Calligraphy Ring Hub.

The Calligraphy Ring

 Cecilia Lettering Arts.

Cecilia Lettering Arts – Cecilia Sharpley – Australia

 Cynscribe Calligraphy Directory.

Cynscribe Calligraphy Directory

 The Edward Johnston Foundation

The Edward Johnston Foundation – United Kingdom

 The Graceful Envelope.
The Graceful Envelope

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·  2003 
·  2004 
·  2005 

·  2007 
·  2008 
·  2009 
·  2010 
·  2011 

 Hand Lettered Address Labels.

Hand Lettered Address Labels – Eugene, Oregon

 Hans Presto - Kalligrafi.

Hans Presto – Kalligrafi – Sweden

 Hebrew Art Gallery - Izzy Plubwinski.

Izzy Pludwinski – Hebrew Calligraphy Gallery

 Beyond Words - John DeCollibus

John DeCollibus – Beyond Words

Marie Fredrichsson - Kalligrafi.

Kalligrafi – Marie Fredrichsson – Sweden

 Ketubah by Karny.

Ketubah by Karny – Karny Rivlin Vorona – Toronto, Ontario

 Letter Arts Review magazine.

Letter Arts Review

 Letter Exchange.

Letter Exchange

 Lesley and Brian.

Lesley and Brian’s Pages

 Heraldry, Calligraphy, and Illumination by Marie Lynskey

Marie Lynskey – Heraldry, Calligraphy, and Illumination – Surrey, England

 Pen Dance Calligraphy and Engraving.

Pen Dance Calligraphy & Engraving – Maureen Vickery – Houston, Texas

 Pen People U.K.

Pen People U.K.

 Randall M Hasson Studio.

Randall M. Hasson Studio – Solana Beach, California

 Roar Skaug Larssen.

Roar Skaug Larssen – Bwaanaman’s – Oslo, Norway

 Saral's Marbled Art Works.

Saral’s Marbled Art Works – Ahmet Saral – Austria

 Linda Lanza - Talk with my Hands.

Talk with my Hands – Linda Lanza

 Tannia May - Calligrapher.

Tannia May – Calligraphy, Illumination, and Graphic Design – British Columbia

 Steve Otlowski - Tengwar Press

Tengwar Press – Steve Otlowski – Cleveland, Ohio

 Scriptorium St. Francis - San Francisco, California

Scriptorium St. Francis – Thomas Ingmire

 Victoria Pittman - Abstract Flourishing.

Victoria Pittman – Arizona & Maine

 Zanerian College of Penmanship.

Zanerian College of Penmanship – gone but not forgotton – Columbus, Ohio

 Al Zanetti.

Al Zanetti

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