International Guilds

Here are a few links to international guilds found on the internet. Links are in no set order – you get to explore to find all the countries noted.

Many are not in English, and be patient - servers are slow in many parts of the world. But all are fun to look at. You may need to have some foreign language fonts installed on your computer to see the text of a site - you will know right away.


 Australian Society of Calligraphers.

Australian Society of Calligraphers

 Calligraphers Guild of Western Australia.

Calligrahers Guild of Western Australia

 Calligraphy Society of Tasmania.

Calligraphy Society of Tasmania

 Canberra Calligraphy Society.

Canberra Calligraphy Society

 Coff's Calligraphers.

Coff’s Calligraphers

 Gold Coast Calligraphy Society.

Gold Coast Calligraphy Society

Marks and Papers.

Marks and Papers

 New Lake Quills.

New Lake Quills

New Zealand

 New Zealand Calligraphers.

New Zealand Calligraphers


Califgrafos de la Cruz del Sur.

Caligrafos de la Cruz del Sur





Belle Lettere


 Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore.

Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore


 Ductus Association de Calligraphie.

Ductus Association de Calligraphie – Paris


 Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild.

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

 Calligraphers Guild of Montreal.

la Société des Calligraphies de Montréal

 Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto.

Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto

 Edmonton Calligraphic Society.

Edmonton Calligraphic Society

 Fairbank Calligraphy Society.

Fairbank Calligraphy Society

 Hamilton Calligraphy Guild.

Hamilton Calligraphy Guild

 la Societe de Calligraphie d'Ottawa.

la Société de Calligraphie d’Ottawa

 Niagara Calligraphic Society.

Niagara Calligraphic Society

 Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer.

Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer

 Warmland Calligraphers.

Warmland Calligraphers of the Cowichan Valley

 West Coast Calligraphy Society.

Westcoast Calligraphy Society – Vancouver, B.C.



Peannairi – Irish Scribes


 Alpha Club Japan

Alpha Club Japan

 Calligraphy Life Association.

Calligraphy Life Association


 Kalligrafisk Forum Danmark.

Kalligrafisk Forum Danmark


 Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

Society of Scribes and Illuminators – London, England

United Kingdom

 Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society

Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society

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