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  •  Here are a few links you will enjoy. While not every group has a website, and some have more content than others - all are interesting to look over. See what others are doing, be inspired, renew friendships with those back where you used to live.

  •  Annd now … YouTube! Don't forget to explore this site for many great -videos- of actual lettering in progress. You can save videos for later viewing.

 Association for the Calligraphic Arts logo.
Association for the Calligraphic Arts
South Bend, Indiana

 Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh logo.
Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania

 Calligraphy Societies of Florida logo.
Calligraphy Societies of Florida

 Calligraphers Guild of Jacksonville logo.
Calligraphers Guild of Jacksonville - Florida

 Capital Calligraphers logo.
Capital Calligraphers Guild - Salem, Oregon

 Capital City Scribes logo.
Capital City Scribes - Austin, Texas

 Carolina Lettering Arts Society logo.
Carolina Lettering Arts Society
Raleigh, North Carolina

 Chicago Calligraphy Collective logo.
Chicago Calligraphy Collective - Illinois

 Coastal Calligraphers Guild logo.
Coastal Calligraphers Guild - Sarasota, Florida

 Colleagues of Calligraphy.
Colleagues of Calligraphy - St. Paul, Minnesota

 Colorado Calligraphers Guild logo.
Colorado Calligraphers Guild - Denver

 Cream City Calligraphers logo.
Cream City Calligarphers - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Friends of Calligraphy logo.
Friends of Calligraphy - San Francisco, California

 Friends of the Alphabet logo.
Friends of the Alphabet
Calligraphy Guild of Atlanta

 Genesee Valley.
Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild
Rochester, New York

 Gulfcoast Calligraphy Guild logo.
Gulfcoast Calligraphy Guild of Pensacola - Florida

 Florida Gulf Coast Society of Scribes logo.
Gulf Coast Society of Scribes
St. Petersburg, Florida

 Houston Calligraphy Guild logo.
Houston Calligraphy Guild - Texas

 Island Scribes logo.
Island Scribes - Long Island, New York

 Kaligraphos - The Dallas Calligraphic Society.
Kaligraphos - The Dallas Calligraphic Society

Masscribes - Boston

 Michigan Association of Calligraphers logo.
Michigan Association of Calligraphers

Nashville Calligraphers Guild

 Nib n Inks logo.
Nib 'n' Inks - Olympia, Washington

 Orange County - Society for Calligraphy logo.
Orange County - Society for Calligraphy

 Pacific Scribes.
Pacific Scribes - Santa Clara, California

 Pen Dragons - Michigan.
Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild - Kalamazoo, Michigan

 Portland Society for Calligraphy.
Portland Society for Calligraphy - Oregon

 Philadelphia Calligraphers Society logo.
Philadelphia Calligraphers Society - Pennsylvania

 Puget Sound Association of Lettering Arts logo.
Puget Sound Association of Lettering Arts

 Rain Writers logo.
The Rain Writers - Bellingham, Washington

 Rand Calligraphic Book Arts Club logo.
Rand Calligraphy and Book Arts Club
Santa Monica, California

 San Antonio Calligraphers Guild logo.
San Antonio Calligraphers Guild - Texas

 San Diego Fellow Calligraphers logo.
San Diego Fellow Calligraphers - California

 Scribes of Central Florida logo.
Scribes of Central Florida - Orlando

 Society of Scribes logo.
The Society of Scribes - New York, New York

 Society for Calligraphy logo.
Society for Calligraphy - Los Angeles, California

 Sooner Scribes logo.
Sooner Scribes Calligraphy Guild of Oklahoma City - Oklahoma

 South Florida Calligraphy Guild logo.
South Florida Calligraphy Guild - Miami

 Tacoma Calligraphy Guild logo.
Tacoma Calligraphy Guild - Washington

 Triangle Calligraphers Guild logo.
Triangle Calligraphers Guild - North Carolina

 Valley Calligraphy Guild logo.
Valley Calligraphy Guild - Eugene, Oregon

 Washington Calligraphy Guild logo.
Washington Calligraphers Guild - District of Columbia

 Write On Calligraphers logo.
Write On Calligraphers - Edmonds, Washington

 IAMPETH logo.
International Association of Master Penmen,
Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting
Webster, New York

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